NYKO Wii U Charge Station: The Best Charging Solution for the Wii U?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013 4:38:09 PM America/New_York


NYKO Wii U Charge Station: The Best Charging Solution for the Wii U?


Did you recently pick up the new Nintendo Wii U?

One of the reasons to own the Wii U is for the innovative new GamePad controller. It opens up new game play opportunities, that you just won’t be able find with the other consoles. Enhanced UI for games, new game play mechanics, and off-TV play, are all possible with the versatile Wii U GamePad.

However, keeping the controller fully charged and ready to go is essential. Nothing can ruin the fun of playing a few video games, quite like a dead controller battery.


Why the NYKO Charge Station U for Wii U

You are probably thinking, but the Wii U GamePad controller already has an official charging cradle. What’s the point of buying a third party charging station?

The large touch screen based Wii U controller isn’t the only controller you will be using with the Wii. The good old Wii remotes are still as relevant as ever. Many games, especially multiplayer ones will require some additional Wii remotes to play.

With this mass of controllers, charging each one individually is just a pain. Having to use multiple charging solutions is just not a great idea. Use the NYKO Charge Station U for Wii U to quickly and easily keep all the controllers charged, without a mess of wires ruining the look of your living room.

Convenient Charging

This charging station is designed to be compact and practical. It can be easily placed under your TV and close to you Wii U console, so you can start gaming whenever you want. With the NYKO charge station you will benefit from:


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