Trend Lab Storage Caddy – Function and Fashion Collide

Saturday, October 11, 2014 12:57:38 PM America/New_York


Trend Lab Storage Caddy – Function and Fashion Collide

Storage solutions can be hit or miss. You’ll find that many are more utilitarian than others. Some can be iconic and others will be somewhat diminutive in the way that they can be used. With the Trend Lab Storage Caddy, you will get something that meets the look and feel that you desire and the utility that you want as well. It’s often times difficult to meet somewhere in the middle, but that’s not the case here, as you’ll be fascinated by the way this seems to work on various levels.

Bold Visual Design

At first glance, you will find that the storage caddy will catch your eye. It comes in a variety of patterns and colors, and has all the necessary tools for transport. The two handles are soft, and easy to grip, while the caddy itself is soft sided. The stretch management fabric is a nice touch, and the pads and pockets that are sewn in are also good overall. You’ll find that you can remove the separator if need be, and the 8 additional exterior pockets come in handy as well. As far as a caddy, this is one that doesn’t skimp on the function in favor of good looks, that’s for sure.

Light Weight And Manageable

Perhaps the best thing about the work that Trend Lab has done for this storage caddy is making it soft, easy to manage, and colorful as well. For busy parents that need to ensure that they have extra diapers, bottles, and more. This becomes a savior, and essential option when going just about anywhere. You will not find another solution that will have quite as much functionality as this solution.

At the end of the day, you want to make sure that your caddy is easy to manage, has a removable “T” for additional storage, and plenty of pockets for incidentals that you may need for your child on the go. Trend Lab’s Storage Caddy delivers on that, and it does so with trendy colors that you will absolutely love.

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