EarthPulse™ v6 Pro PEMF Device

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Quick Overview

• By Earthpulse

• 15 Algorithmic Programs: Frequency range under 14.4 Hz

• Like the v6 ProBasic, better than 2x the body coverage than our single magnet systems.

• Two magnets may be split between two people more effectively either one on each side of the bed, or both down the centre line.




EarthPulse™ v6 Pro PEMF machine

Our top of the line 2 Electromagnet PEMF therapy device with 15 Program Modes. The most powerful PEMF device under $10,000. Pulsed DC square wave. It is the pinnacle of 17 years of R&D.

The most powerful and full featured system we’ve ever designed. 1/3rd the price of most PEMF mats yet FAR more powerful. More in tune with the natural terrestrial frequency range than any other system on Earth.

A full power, full body portable PEMF therapy system that travels in your carry on baggage, briefcase or handbag. Like the v6 ProBasic, better than 2x the body coverage than our single magnet systems. Two magnets may be split between two people more effectively either one on each side of the bed, or both down the centre line.

The Earthpulse™ v6 Pro PEMF system is the most powerful PEMF product under $10,000.

Comes with Earthpulse™ v6 Pro Controller with 15 Program-Modes, 2 output jacks & 2 electromagnets at full power (1100 Gauss nano-second peak with 650+ Gauss across the square wave per magnet); 100 – 240 volt AC to 12 volt DC power supply, local pin adapter; padded clear side v6 Pro travel case.

Designed to provide twice the full body coverage as our standard v6 system. This device’s controller is strong enough to split each channel into total of 4 magnets. The most powerful, full featured EarthPulse™ yet, 30% more Gauss per magnet than our v4.7 (2014). With addition of an external battery, and our transportable pack it is the first fully portable, full-power pulsed electromagnetic field therapy system for when you need it 24/7.

EarthPulse™ v5+++ systems included many new features and the v6 version is even better. v5 update had L-shaped connectors for easier use and longer plug life; two new programs – SLEEPEZ our new hybrid Delta-rhythm Sleep-Mode and the Manual-Mode for choosing one frequency for up to 12 hours.

The Manual Mode can be used as a Schumann generator, for meditation or for sleep frequency experimentation with 0.1 Hz accuracy. We recommend particularly 9.6 Hz and its lower harmonics 4.8 Hz, 3.6 Hz, 2.4 Hz, and 1.2 Hz.

The addition of 1 hour buffer of 14.4 Hz on all programs for one full hour to help wake more effectively without sleeping through shut-down. Software controlled amplitude from 10% – 100% to help acclimation for EMF sensitive people, or for use with children.


Product Details

Our Patented PEMF Program Modes

15 Algorithmic Programs: Frequency range under 14.4 Hz

RECOVER-MODE – Up to 12 hours 9.6 Hz with wake up phase and 1 extra hour Alert 14.4 Hz buffer whether set for 8 hour or 12 hours. Perfect for power naps.

SLEEPEZ – 9.6 Hz for 10 Minutes (when set for 8 hours) then stepping down to 3 Hz in 60 seconds then stepping down further to 1 Hz over course of during following 15 Hz – back up to 3 Hz for total of 4 cycles then wake up phase and 1 hour 14.4 Hz buffer

SLEEP-MODE 1   9.6 Hz stepping down to 1 Hz over 45 minutes (when set for 8 hours) then back to 5 Hz stepping down to 1 Hz – back to 5 Hz for total of 4 cycles then wake up phase and 1 hour 14.4 Hz buffer to help user to wake.

SLEEP-MODE 2   9.6 Hz stepping down to 1 Hz over course of 45 minutes (when set for 8 hours) then stepping back up to 3 Hz / down to 1 Hz / back to 3 Hz for total of 4 cycles then wake up phase and 1 hour 14.4 Hz buffer.

SLEEP-MODE 3 – 3 Hz stepping down to 1 Hz back to 3 Hz for total of 4 cycles then wake up phase and 1 hour 14.4 Hz buffer.

SLEEP-MODE 4 – 1 Hz start to finish plus 1 hour 14.4 Hz buffer to help you wake without feeling groggy.

ALERT-MODE – 12 Hz to 14.4 Hz back down to 12 Hz for up to 12 hours (hour choice as a cancelling field for EMF protection during waking hours)

MANUAL-FREQUENCY-MODE – Set for 1/2 Hz – 14.4 Hz for up to 12 hours with an additional 1 hour 14.4 Hz buffer to help you awaken when used for sleep

ENTRAINMENT-UP – 9.6 Hz to 1/2 Hz back up to 14.4 Hz in 30 – 60 minutes setting then shuts off.

ENTRAINMENT-DOWN – 9.6 Hz to 1/2 Hz and shuts down. 1 hour setting only. More information about brainwave entrainment and the cellular healing effects of PEMF therapy is available on this website.




Warranty & Returns Policy

Additional Information

Every product comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy after initial inspection with quality, materials, or workmanship, Please fill out an RMA request to have your order returned, only returnable up to 30 days from the order date.

Nikastic.com may decide to issue replacements if requested, per their discretion. If replacement is requested and denied, you will need to return for a credit and then place a new order. Please do not place a new order for replacement until confirmed.

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Note: Credit will not be issued without the return tracking to show return was delivered back. Returns take some time to process and confirm the reason chosen is correct, therefore, credits can take up to 15 business days from the date the item is delivered back.


No P.O Boxes for delivery please.


We ship direct from our factory in India to provide you the most cost effective electromagnetic solution on Earth. You will be solely responsible for any custom import duties. Our service center is in Florida, so you will not have to ship it to India for servicing or warranty.


If placing order using the Credit Cards option, your issuer may decline the transaction. If you’re first attempt does not result in a completed transaction with email confirmation of order (within 10 minutes of completion). Many times this is due to either the amount being outside of your normal purchasing behavior, or due to the fact that we process through a Mauritian (BRICS) bank.

It will require you calling the number on the back of the card, demanding approval of your transaction. After the call, you will then need to complete the process again, so you may want to click the box to create an account (to save time in the event order doesn’t complete).


If our technology and methods fail to satisfactorily enhance sleep and mental & physical performance within 90 days, please return it for refund of purchase price. You must establish and maintain tech support for 3 weeks prior to return request or 10% restocking fee will apply.

Device should be returned to us in ‘like new’ condition.


Assessed ONLY where product return requested where no tech-support has been sought.

Once Tech-Support contact is made, we must work together for 21 days (intermittently) to exhaust our experience helping clients get expected results. This is a two way process. You email us telling us nothing is happening. We return email with questions to which your respond. If you do not respond to our emails and return system anyway, you agree to be subject to the 10% restocking fee. Restocking-fee is almost never triggered as our clients are usually committed to tackling their health challenges. If committed you’ve got a better than 96% statistical probability of success.

If after 7 days of use, you are not seeing recognizable results please contact us for Tech-Support.

About 15% of clients need help. Odds are you won’t… unless extremely sensitive or have brain saturated by prescription meds.


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