Nikastic Customer Reviews & Rating


Guidelines For Posting A Customer Review Or Rating.

Nikastic invites all to join the growing amount of customers in our Community, this can be done merely by posting an honestly written review or rating of one of the products you bought from This helps other patrons to decide on an item and whether they want to buy it or not.


Shopper Reviews and Ratings FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Where is the review that I posted onto the website?

Our review section has a policy of scanning all submitted content to keep offensive content from appearing. Therefore, it sometimes takes between eight and 48 hours after you submit a review for it to actually appear on the website. This short timeframe lets us check for profanity or other offensive content and allows us to keep the Community content clean.

Why isn’t my review posting to the website?

Prior to being able to submit a review to our site, you must create an Nikastic account, as well as been charged for buying either a physical or digital product. If you only downloaded a free digital item, this doesn’t count.


What if I want to post a review or rating that is anonymous?

The name that posts to the review or rating on depends on what  you set up in the preference section of your account, as the review will appear with either your real name or an anonymous names.

How to make a review:

Follow these simple steps to make a review:

1.     Go to the detail page for the product at

2.     Click onto the tab for “Reviews,” which can be found in the middle of the detail page for the product.

3.     If promoted, login to your account at

4.     Put in your data into the section marked, "Write your own review" page.

5.     If the review is written, put in your words into the text box that is available for that purpose.

6.     Then finally click submit.

Prior to posting your review, you must create or already have an account at account, as well as have already bought a qualifying physical or digital product. A free downloaded product doesn’t count. Plus, you should also know that you don’t have to have bought the item that is to be reviewed, however, that is advisable.


Guidelines for posting a customer review or rating

Nikastic desires that customers share their thoughts and opinions on our products.

Nikastic wants our patrons to have the data they require in order to make sensible purchasing choices, and we would be thrilled at fulfilling those needs. Therefore, Nikastic encourages its patrons to share with us all of hteir thoughts or opinions, including those that are good and those that are unfavorable.

Who is allowed to post a review on a product?

Any patron that has bought something from us can make or post a review. You merely have to adhere to some easy rules according to the following guidelines:

Hints for creating top online reviews:

•  Make sure that you put in the "why": The top reviews comprise not just if a customer lies or hates an item, in addition it tells the reason why. You should feel able to discuss items that are related to the item you are reviewing and tell how it compares to the others.

• Be precise: The submitted review ought to emphasis the precise characteristics of the item, as well as what the buyer experienced when they used it. If your review is a video, be sure to include a short intro.

• Your review needs to be just the right size, which would be between 65 and 500 words.

• Be truthful: We are happy to receive all truthful opinions on an item, whether they are for it or against it. Reviews are not taken down because we see them as vital to our products. We feel that all data submitted can help and inform our patrons on buying a product.

• Total disclosure: If a customer got something free due to submitting a review, we ask that you please say in your submission that you got that item for free.

What isn’t allowed?

Nikastic is excited to offer this method of online conversation so that our patrons can share thoughts and opinions concerning the products we sell. Even though we are thankful that you have taken the time and effort to comment on our items, we do reserve our right to take down a review that has any of these things in it:

Material that is objectionable:

• Lewd or repugnant content

• Vulgarity or malicious comments

• Promoting anything that is either illegal or immoral

Content that is Promotional:

• Ads, promotional content or reviews that are repeated which say the same thing over and over again.

• Opinions by or in behalf of someone or some business which has a monetary interest in the item or is in direct competition with our product ( such as a review from a manufacturer, publisher, or a third party merchant who sells the item)

• Reviews which are created in order for someone to be paid, except for getting a free item. This would include a review that is a section of a paid for package for publicity.

• Asking for supportive votes

Inappropriate material:

• Content belonging to someone else

• Telephone numbers, snail mail addresses, and external URLs

• Content written in a foreign language (except if this is required due to a certain connection to the item)

Off-topic data:

• Particulars about the obtainability or alternate data on ordering and shipping

• Feedback on typographical errors or other mistakes found in the catalog or in the product‘s description (as an alternative, please access the feedback form you will see on the bottom of the item’s page).

Any patron with concerns about safety regarding the reviewed item should report this data directly to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) or you can contact Please be certain to put in all of the data concerning the item you are reviewing such as the item’s name, UPC, or the manufacturer's SKU, as well as all of your details about what happened.

Any patron that has an inquiry or needs to inform about a precise issue that has occurred, or if you know of a problem concerning the Customer Reviews, then contact technical department or simply email us at

Customer Rating Rules

Customer Ratings lets buyers share data regarding the item’s aspects that they think are important and to rate these aspects by using a five star process. Instance, besides giving an inclusive star rating for products, customers can give their comments and rating on the distinct features of the item, including the item’s cost, quality and its packaging.