Order Status



Did my order ship?

Customers can check on the status of their orders by logging in to the link for your account, which is located at the top of the majority of pages at our website store. The most current order history will be listed there. Click onto any order that shows active to see the status of the shipment.

How do I cancel or change the amount of items I ordered?

The amount of items ordered may be altered by going to your Shopping Cart and changing the amount of items by putting the new amount of that product into the box that you want to order. 

Items can be changed or deleted from your "Shopping Cart" at any time prior to checking out. Just go to the "Shopping Cart", click on "update the Shopping Cart", and then click on "remove" to get rid of whatever product you wish to delete or change.

How can my order be tracked.

Customers can track their order by navigating to their account via the login at the link at the top of the majority of our website pages. Then, choose “view order” and you will see both the invoice and tracking data. All active orders can be simply tracked by choosing “Track your order” to see the tracking data in real time.

I didn’t get my order.

The majority of orders are processed and shipped in an average projected delivery timeframe between 3-7 business days. But if you order hasn’t arrived within 3-4 weeks since it was made, the order’s status can be found via using your account login. If more assistance is required, please contact the Nikastic customer support or you can use our Contact Us email form, which is located on the website in order to get a faster answer.

Something was missing from my order.

Sometimes, an order may be separated into several shipments (no extra charges) if your item is over a specified weight or if the supplier is in more than one part of the country.

If your article got to you and after you inspected it you found out that something was missing, then you should call Nikastic customer support right away within 72 hours of delivery.

In such cases, the majority of buyers are totally covered automatically under the Nikastic Buyer Protection if they receive any products that are “not the same as described” or are “defective.”


My order doesn’t work or is defective.

If you get an item in your order that is deemed defective or “not the same as described,” you are required to call Nikastic customer support right away, no less than 72 hours of the delivery date. Merely proceeding with the directions from the manufacturer or using the information in their manual may fix the problem.

If the problem is still not fixed, in these cases the majority of buyers are automatically completely covered via the Nikastic Buyer Protection and don’t have to replace “not the same as described” or “defective” goods at their own expense. To find out additional information visit the Nikastic Buyer Protection link.


How long until I get my backorder?

Nikastic is presently occupied with putting in place a backorder feature that allows customers to make an order for an item that is out of stock, and this order will be maintained until the items are back in stock and then they will be shipped out immediately to the customers. Right now, out of stock items usually become back in stock in about one to three weeks.