Pricing & Billing


Do you charge sales tax? 

Any product that is ordered from, and is sent to locations in the following states must pay sales tax: New York.

No sales tax, however, is charged if purchasing gift cards; unless several purchases are made at the same time.

The tax rate used for Nikastic customer's order will normally be a combination of state and local tax rates used at the address to which the customer order is sent. Additionally, the customer sales tax rate used on all orders may differ for orders sent to their household address instead of an order for the exact same things sent to a commercial work address.

I want to inquire about my order changes.

Sometimes, customers might see charges they are not sure of. Reasonably, before you contact customer service, please contemplate looking over any of the common possible conditions:

• Is there a youngster, spouse, relative, or a friend who may have accessed your card data and used it to make an order?

• Are there any other credit cards that might be associated with the card that was used to create the charges?

• Were there any back orders that could have been placed previously? Or, was it possible an item was sent to another person?  If so, it may have just been sent to them.

• Was any previous order changed or canceled?

 We suggest that customers check to see if any other authorized persons may have placed an order or check your Nikastic customer account to read over your previous order history.

• If though, there are no charges that apply to any of the above scenarios, and then please contact the Nikastic customer support for additional support.

Please do not send your credit card information by e-mail, for it is an unsecured transmission channel.



It's easy to get a printout for an invoice for any of your orders made at Just use the following instructions:

• Login into "My Account" link located at the top of the majority of the pages of our website store.

• Click onto the button for “View orders”

• At the top right-hand corner of the webpage, click onto the “Print Order” link and your invoice will print.


How long does it take for a credit to appear on my account?

Refunds will be made back onto the card used to purchase the products. It usually takes around 3-5 business days after we receive the package at our warehouse in order for a return to be handled. Once received, an email confirmation will be sent to the customer from us. Once confirmation for the refund is received, it is immediately issued and takes about 4-10 business days to get the money back into customer’s bank account.


What is this $1.00 charge on my Credit statement?

Customers who are making their very first order with the company will typically see this occur. We might need to contact the bank that issued your credit card to make sure it is good, and it was a lost or stolen card. You will see this via a $1 fee that shows up on your account. Nevertheless, there is actually no charge and it will clear. This is merely one of the many security procedures used to put a limit on any unauthorized communications so that we can better protect all of our Nikastic customers.


What caused my credit card to be declined at checkout?

Characteristically customers experiencing a decline of their credit card decline can be attributed to several possible reasons; predominantly it is due to wrong data being given or there are insufficient funds left on the card. We here at always send our customers an e-mail if any problems occur regarding the authorization of their credit cards.

Don’t forget to look over all of your credit card data and be sure to update your account if needed.


What payment methods do you allow to be used? Customers ordering online from our website store are allowed to use the following kinds of cards or other payment to purchase your items:

•  MasterCard

•  Discover

•  American Express

•  PayPal Payment Service

•  PayPal Bill me Later (Paypal Credit) Service

•  Money Order

We also will take money orders once your order is confirmed. Money orders should be sent to the following address:

Nikastic, LLC.

347 5TH Ave

Suite #1402-124

New York, New York 10016